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ReSource is a decentralized protocol for mutual credit and multilateral exchange, enabling individuals, businesses and entire networks to access credit without the need for capital or interest payments.


Tools to build Radical, Circular Systems

// Innovating on credit to support the growth of circular economies that prioritize local production, self-reliant communities, and global knowledge exchange


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// Resource networks exchange without using cash by using blockchain ledgers practically to keep track of trades, forming independent monetary systems designed to facilitate collaborative economics, fair trade and regenerative finance.







// Innovating on Mutual Credit, a centuries-old accounting method already used for trading billions of dollars of value annually, by introducing a standardized protocol that addresses the core problems that have prevented scalability.


// Resource networks issue credit without the need for external capital and interest payments, and configure their own credit scoring method using custom sources of traditional and non-traditional data, paving the way for more equitable financial access.

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ReSource’s open-source software can be employed to modernize, automate and streamline existing trading networks built on mutual credit and multilateral exchange.

Automate risk management, user acquisition, currency stabilization, and get your project on par with traditional financial products.

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What is mutual credit?

ReSource is a Mutual Credit protocol that allows participants to access credit at extremely competitive terms, often at 0% interest, while freeing them from their dependence on external capital providers such as banks, creditors, or even investors. Arguably, to many this may sound too good to be true. Afterall, who in their right mind would lend money to anyone without charging interest or while settling for minor fees that are easily outcompeted by better investment opportunities? To answer this question we first need to understand what Mutual Credit is, what its shortcomings are, and how ReSource uses blockchain technology to overcome them

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