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Build a more circular economy with a mutual credit community

The world’s first marketplace where purpose-driven businesses can trade with one another using crypto

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You are not your balance sheet, your bottom line, or your bank account.

Discover how far you can go when barter and cryptocurrency are combined to create a whole new way of growing your business that aligns with your values and builds community through trade. You can make even more than just money with ReSource.

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Find customers and grow your business

Invest in your employees and community

Support a human-centered economy

Add crypto to your business growth

Start your journey into the future of finance

It’s time to build a better way

Participate in a marketplace where currency is actually backed by the businesses who use it. Make more than just dollars - make ReSource dollars...

For your people

Give unique perks and benefits to your team by sending them ReSource Dollars

For your business

Grow your business with services like marketing, accounting, and more

For your community

Connect with other businesses passionate about finding a better way to grow their local economies

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ReSource perks have been a huge asset to the health and wellbeing of our team. We are really close again. No one is calling out sick. The exchange is healthy and symbiotic.

Andrea Duvall

Founder, Mother Earth Foods, Asheville

Resource Network is exactly what I was looking for. It’s an excellent way to continue to market and grow my business.

Jared Covarrubias, DC

Founder, Atlas Integrative Health, Austin

ReSource’s crypto backed barter system makes me feel safer if fiat systems collapse and have a sense of security in the world as a woman, mother, doctor and wife.

Sarah Fields, LAC

Owner, Flower Mountain Acupuncture

How it works

Apply for a ReSource storefront and get 0% interest credit line

Buy and sell in the marketplace using crypto

Repay credit used with sales in the marketplace

Marketplace roles

Buy and sell with a currency made for you

    Increase sales in our network of like-minded businesses

    Expand your reach into new markets and explore new opportunities

    Give your team the gift of local food and wellness services

Get started today

Invest in your business, your people, and your community

Joining ReSource gives us the means to create local economic communities focused on supporting prosperous businesses, healthy people, and true financial autonomy. This is because the ReSource Dollar was designed to be a currency for giving. Use it to buy local goods and services for you or your team, and those ReSource Dollars will come back around to you.

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Grow your business

ReSource is building the future of local economies where everyone wins


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Spread the values of local growth and mutual support in your community


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SOURCE, the underlying cryptocurrency of ReSource, is available on these exchanges

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