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ReSource Dev Roadmap 2023-4

Dear ReSource community,

After almost a year of reshaping and redesigning, the first release of the new and improved version of the ReSource Stable Credit protocol will be published this July - right in time for our upcoming projects in Africa.

This protocol version is significantly more capital efficient and provides a more robust and cost-effective risk management solution. But most excitingly, the new Stable Credit protocol comes with a first-of-its kind fiat liquidity engine, which allows network members to receive fiat loans and repay them by using their mutual credit account. This will allow businesses to access fiat liquidity, which can be paid back by selling goods and services within the network - in the same way in which mutual credit debt is settled. 

This feature, which is unique in the mutual credit space, will not only increase the utility of mutual credit in general, but also significantly expedite the launching and seeding of new networks.   

Additionally, this version already lays the groundwork for the inter-network trading function, which will allow members of different networks to trade with each other. This new component transcends one of the most notorious limitations of mutual credit: its confinement to closed and siloed trading networks.   

The upcoming July release will focus mainly on the features and functions necessary for our joint venture with Waumini in Nairobi, Kenya; this includes the SDK and application layers. The first version of the Risk Management infrastructure and the fiat loan gateway will be released soon thereafter, around September. 

The full development roadmap can be viewed below. A full overview of the new protocol design can be viewed here. If you have any remaining questions, we’re always available on Discord and at   

Your friends at ReSource.

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