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The world’s first marketplace where purpose-driven businesses can trade with health & wellness providers using crypto

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A healthier economy starts with a healthier community

With ReSource, the services you offer as a health and wellness practitioner are the foundation of our marketplace. Connect with new customers on the network who are looking to optimize the health of their people and society at large. Earn crypto to help grow your business while building a healthier community.

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ReSource perks have been a huge asset to the health and wellbeing of our team. We are really close again. No one is calling out sick. The exchange is healthy and symbiotic.

Andrea Duvall

Founder, Mother Earth Foods, Asheville

Resource Network is exactly what I was looking for. It’s an excellent way to continue to market and grow my business.

Jared Covarrubias, DC

Founder, Atlas Integrative Health, Austin

ReSource’s crypto backed barter system makes me feel safer if fiat systems collapse and have a sense of security in the world as a woman, mother, doctor and wife.

Sarah Fields, LAC

Owner, Flower Mountain Acupuncture

Meet the future of health care

Companies are using ReSource to offer health and wellness services to their employees when traditional insurance is not enough

Invest in services to scale and grow your business

Buy what you need on credit without any interest

Access entirely new customers and markets for free

Crypto, but simple and for the real world

Health and wellness services, marketing, accounting, and more - we’ve got it all on our network. But instead of using dollars to buy these everyday items, you purchase them with ReSource Dollars - the regenerative currency for a more circular economy.

Discover how far you can go when barter and cryptocurrency are combined to create a whole new way of growing your business that aligns with your values and builds community through trade. Make more than just money with ReSource.

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Cashless transactions

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