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A Web3-native monetary system backed by goods, services, and human potential

Powered by distributed multilateral exchange and credit clearing networks

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Mutual Credit Clearing

Interest-free credit lines enable businesses to trade with each other on credit, without upfront cash, while settling debts in-kind.

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Autonomous Stability

ReSource Network Currencies achieve market-derived value stability without being pegged to external assets such as fiat currencies.

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Distributed Risk Management

Credit and network risks are assessed, priced, and managed by a distributed network of Underwriters.

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Decentralized Credit

ReSource does not only disarms intermediaries and custodians, but decentralizes the logic of credit itself, effectively removing the creditor from the equation.

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How it works

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A Decentralized Monetary System

How it works

Grassroots liquidity

ReSource allows currency to arise as a result of trade, instead of it being a requisite for it - This allows regenerative, circular economies to emerge without being dependent on external capital or state actors.

Endogenous supply

The amount of currency in ReSource trading networks expands and contracts to accommodate market activity - Its supply is always matched with demand.

Decentralized issuance

Currency on ReSource is minted and burned by the market itself to meet its needs. It’s neither centrally issued, subject to arbitrary algorithmic constraints, or pegged to fiat currencies.

Protocol Stages


Stake to back the credits of US network of merchants


Automated underwriting pools separated by risk, network, and other parameters


Launch your own stablecredit network

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Stake into the real world

ReSource staking rewards stem from the activity of real world businesses like startups, brick and mortar shops, SaaS providers, and utility companies. Even if crypto enters deep winter, BTC goes sideways and DeFi contracts, ReSource staking pools will remain unaffected.


Become a stakeholder in the next wave of crypto adoption

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Back real world business credit lines



Earn rewards for providing organic liquidity


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ReSource in the media

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There’s No Quick-Fix to Poor DeFi Accessibility, But There’s Hope: ReSource Co-Founder, David Casey

We caught up with David Casey, Co-founder and CEO of ReSource Protocol, for a quick chat where we tried to pick his brains as much as possible. And as expected, we received some amazing insights from him regarding the crypto and DeFi industry.

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A Manifesto for DeFi for the People

The Celo Foundation launched the $100M DeFi for the People (DFTP) initiative on August 30, 2021, to make DeFi accessible to the 6 billion mobile phone users around the world.

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3 Ways You Can Implement A People-First Approach In Your Business

As we collectively navigate through the beginning of our third pandemic year, it is clear that there are many elements of business processes that could use some revamping

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