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ReSource is an Open-Source Cooperative

This means there is no central party running the show and extracting profits for their benefit alone. Every new member that joins and begins offering goods and services not only helps grow the economy and vision, but also adds more value to the community. Thus, all participants are equally encouraged and rewarded for growing the network. Earn by inviting businesses you want to see, such as:

Local food hubs & farms

Business growth & support services

People & planet friendly products

Freelancers & sole proprietors

Health and wellness goods & services

Makers, artists, & musicians

How referrals work

Locate your unique referral code in your ReSource profile

Invite businesses in your network to join ReSource using your referral code

Earn a one time fee if the business you refer signs up and uses ReSource

Empowering ambassadors with the ReSET Program

Considering joining us in sharing the ReSource vision with your community beyond simply referring new members? We created the ReSET ambassador program to supercharge ambassadors with marketing tools, community calls, and other support from our team members so you can be better suited to grow ReSource and earn while doing it.

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ReSource is building a network of local, blockchain based economies. Check out the 200+ other businesses already engaging in future barter.


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